• The time of day you typically drive
  • How much you drive
  • Hard braking
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Your location, for underwriting purposes
  • Mobile phone usage for drivers using the app
  • The main drawback of using Snapshot is that it can also raise your rates if you exhibit risky driving behaviors. Although Snapshot’s terms vary by state, there’s a good chance your rates will go up if you’re a high-risk driver.

    Other Snapshot Features

    The Snapshot mobile app includes a dashboard view with the following features:

  • Trip log: Snapshot shows all the trips you log where you’re the driver.
  • Trip details: This feature includes detailed information about trips where the app monitored hard braking, fast acceleration or phone use. There’s even a map that highlights exactly where these behaviors occurred.
  • Driving tips: Based on your driving habits, the Snapshot app gives pro tips to boost your score and potentially increase the discount you earn.
  • Using Progressive Snapshot With Multiple Vehicles or Drivers

    It’s easy to use the Snapshot app across multiple vehicles and drivers, although the process varies a bit from state to state. In some states, each driver chooses the vehicle they drive most often during registration. From there, each driver’s smartphone will be associated with a specific vehicle. In other states, Progressive averages the driving data from all smartphones and all vehicles on the policy.

    If two drivers from the same household are in a car together, the Snapshot app can typically tell who’s driving and collect data for that person only. In the event that the app registers data for both people, you can correct that in the app.

    Using the Snapshot Plug-in Device

    If you choose the Snapshot plug-in option rather than the app, you’ll receive the device within seven to 10 days of signing up. The Snapshot device plugs into your car’s OBD-II port, which is under your steering wheel. The plug-in device blinks when operating, and it beeps with every instance of hard braking. This instant feedback is intended to help you improve your driving habits.

    The Snapshot Road Test

    In 33 states, you can try the Snapshot program even if you’re not a Progressive policyholder through the Snapshot Road Test® option. The Snapshot app will log your driving behaviors for 30 days, and if you qualify for a discount, you’ll see it in a Progressive car insurance quote. You can choose to either stay with your current auto insurance company or switch to Progressive.

    How Much Can You Save With Progressive Snapshot?

    You can earn a Snapshot discount when you renew your Progressive auto insurance policy, usually after six months of using the program. According to the Progressive website, drivers who qualify for a Snapshot discount save an average of $156 per year.

    The sign-up discount for Snapshot is only for new Progressive customers and isn’t available in Hawaii or New York. Progressive reports an average sign-up discount of $47. This discount expires when you renew your coverage and is replaced by your personalized, driving behavior-based rate.

    Can Your Rates Increase by Using Progressive Snapshot?

    Risky driving behaviors such as speeding, hard braking, taking corners too fast and using your phone while behind the wheel can lead to higher rates when using Snapshot. However, Progressive notes that only about two out of 10 drivers who use the program actually see increases in their insurance premiums.

    Progressive Snapshot: Conclusion

    Using Progressive Snapshot can be a great way to unlock discounts and even become a safer driver. However, available discounts vary by state, and using the program can lead to higher insurance rates if you engage in too many risky driving behaviors. If you plan to sign up for Snapshot, make sure you’re ready to be extra careful behind the wheel.

    Progressive Snapshot Alternatives

    Just as you would compare car insurance quotes to find the best rates, it’s also a good idea to compare a few different usage-based programs. State Farm and Geico are two of our highest-rated insurance providers, and each offers its own Snapshot alternative.

    State Farm: Editor’s Choice

    Drive Safe & Save™ is State Farm’s usage-based program. The company says good driving habits can save customers as much as 30% on their premiums. There’s a 10% discount just for signing up for Drive Safe & Save. You can use the program through a dedicated app or with a Bluetooth beacon that can be affixed to your dashboard to collect driving information.

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    Geico: Affordable for Most Drivers

    Known for affordable rates, Geico offers drivers the chance to save money through its DriveEasy program. DriveEasy logs trips and gives you advice on how to improve your driving based on the behaviors you exhibit while on the road. Like Snapshot, riskier driving habits may result in higher rates through DriveEasy depending on where you live.

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    Progressive Snapshot: FAQ

    Below are frequently asked questions about Progressive Snapshot.

    If you’re a safe driver, it’s definitely worth trying Snapshot to see how much money you could save. For those who engage in riskier driving behaviors such as fast acceleration, hard braking and phone use behind the wheel, Snapshot could raise your rates.

    Yes, Progressive Snapshot can increase your car insurance rates if you engage in risky driving habits. These behaviors include accelerating too fast, braking too hard, taking corners too fast or using your phone while driving.

    In order for the program to gauge your driving habits, you need to use Snapshot for a full policy period of either six or 12 months. In most states, Progressive allows drivers to sample the program for 30 days through the Snapshot Road Test program.